Today more than ever

Companies need to adjust to the reality of a changed and digitalized world.

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Scalando is a SaaS solution, designed to help companies drive growth and profitability by empowering your most important asset: People

Scalando accelerates the interaction, learning and engagement of your communities or sellers and unifies your strategy execution by utilizing a new digital first omnichannel experience.

Using predictive analytics

Scalando extracts and optimizes, in real-time, all relevant data allowing your teams to work efficiently and provide better results anytime and anywhere!

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Big data
is transformed to

drive productivity

optimize resources

predict outcomes

Scalando Analytics

The "new normal” demands a solution to drive powerful interaction, learning and engagement between companies and people.

The "new normal" needs Scalando

The OmniChannel GTM Platform

Powering Your Connected & Your Extended Enterprise

Connected Enterprise​

Designed to help every knowledge based business accelerate the interaction, learning and engagement with their people & communities and unifying their strategy execution.​


Create, engage and expand your internal and external communities. MedConnect is an OmniChannel platform designed to drive a positive Impact with your communities.​

Law Community

Accelerate time to productivity, get instant visibility over your internal skills & capabilities and drive employee loyalty to your Law Office. Designed to scale, drive growth and profitability with the highest customer satisfaction.​

IT Channel & GTM Scale

How do you drive your GTM strategy in a distributed channel model? How do you keep internal and external resources on the same page and executing your strategy? Scalando is your answer!

Brand Builder - Retail

Build and scale your brand through your employees, distributors, sales agents and shop staff. Brand Builder delivers a consistent and effective OmniChannel experience for consistently scaling your brand.​

Finance Hub

Knowledge, data and insight is your advantage. Finance Hub helps fund managers and finance professionals get an edge. Build communities and communications to manage your portfolio companies.​

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