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Now is the time to rethink your channel strategy

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of partners choose vendors based on partner experience
More than 50% of partnerships fail due to poor partner enablement and experience
of SaaS companies fail to scale as they try to navigate the ecosystem landscape
Reduced sales cycle with proper partner enablement
Titans like Cisco, Dell, IBM are pushing for 100% subscription business by 2030
of business leaders say their business model will be unrecognizable in 5 years
Source: Forrester, CRN, Accenture, Aberdeen
The traditional partner and channel business is changing to an ecosystem business where vendors need to cater for direct, indirect, marketplace, influence, technology, and referral partners!

Accelerate at scale with the ecosystem communities of the future

Drive impact with an engaging experience

Scalando is an enterprise-class cloud-based platform for managing and driving business with your ecosystem, partners, and sales communities

With Scalando your ecosystem, partners, and sales communities will enjoy a unique and tailored experience designed to spur them into executing your strategy and acquiring the capabilities and skills you need to grow in the future

Drive your ecosystem business with Speed, Simplicity and at unprecedented Scale

Unite all the key business services needed to execute an initiative seamlessly across your ecosystem communities. Uniting all business services in one platform dramatically improves communication, engagement, interaction, knowledge transfer and most importantly drives execution at scale.


Build the skills, capabilities, and capacity you need to scale with your ecosystem

Drive and manage your indirect, marketplace, influence, technology, and partners all in one place


Execute sales initiatives at scale leveraging Scalando services

Engage your community in an individualized manner and get new insight beyond what you though possible


Understand what is actually happening in your ecosystem

Real-time views, analytics and insights helping you to optimize your go to market strategy in real time

Instantly solving challenges for business leaders and team members alike

Drive business imperatives at scale with an engaging user experience

Insight beyond your imagination

Scalando’s unique capability engine is customized specifically to your business
The platform extracts and analyses, in real-time data allowing you and your teams to work effectively and provide better results anytime and anywhere.
Company Analytics

Unbelievable detailed insight giving you predictive analytics. Leverage the full power of the unique Scalando Capability Engine customized specifically for you

My Team & Partner Analytics

Get the full overview of your teams and partners’ progress, capabilities, and engagement. Always fresh insight at your fingertips

My Analytics

Detailed real-time insight views for every user. Personal capability DNA, live benchmarking and achievement overview

One powerful platform, several use cases

Built for helping you capture your business opportunity
Channel Partner Platform

Full service partner / distribution platform to scale with your reseller and partner ecosystem community

Sales Communities

An effective community seamlessly executing across internal, partner and customer recourses

Sales Sprint & Campaigns

Execute high impact Sales Sprint accelerating new pipeline into the business while building sales teams competency and driving sales process consistency

Other popular
Use Cases

Scalando is architected for maximum flexibility and with a wide set of business services to cater for specific use cases relevant to any organization.

Platform main features

Get ready to scale your business with an extremely versatile platform combining several key business services.
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Adaptive Learning Management System

Build skills, capability and capacity across your internal and external teams with a few clicks.

Skills & capabilities nurturing

Understand your organization’s current skill, capabilities, and interests like never before.

Resource Library

Store, organize, and share business documents with different audiences leveraging the powerful access control for keeping compliance, security, and confidentiality.

News, Videos & file Management

Leverage the advanced CMS functionality for communicating effectively with your teams with instant utilization analytics.

Employees & Teams Knowledge Management

Get full insight into your team’s capabilities and drive targeted enablement to prevent future bottlenecks.

Partner & Vendor Knowledge Management

Build the channel capacity needed to scale in the future through your partner ecosystem.

Integrated Surveys & Polls

Embrace the power of the Survey & Poll engine to capturing insight and input from your customers, partners and teams.

Integrated Social media amplification

Scale like never before on Social Media. Drive corporate messages with consistency and with unlimited scale.

Sales Deal Registration and Promo management

Accelerate your sales pipeline. Capture leads and deals from your partners, resellers and ecosystem.

Customer Wins registration & Library

Leverage the power of your full team’s customer win stories.

Realtime Market Insight Feeds

Always know what is said about your company, your customers and partners in the news.

Realtime Competitive Feeds

What are your competitors up to? Are they making more noise in the market than you?

Dynamic Audiences Management

Stay relevant to all your users. The highly sophisticated audience management makes sure everyone only sees what is relevant for them to execute your strategy.


Competitive element built into every business service allowing you to embrace and harness your teams competitive spirit.

Predictive Analytics

See into the future to understand how likely you are to become successful with your next initiative based on today's organizational capacity.

Easy integration and workflow automation

Connect Scalando with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most, no code required.

Easy platform customization

Make Scalando 100% yours with full white-labelling functionality to truly represent your brand internally and externally.

Secure Profile Access Control, GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Enjoy the benefits of an advanced, secure and compliant platform with secure profile access control.

Drive impact internally, with partners and customers like never before.

Why Scalando?

Easily customisable and white-labelled to suit your specific needs.

Harness the power of the cloud to obtain flexibility, availability and security instantly.

Break down silos within your organization and come together as one united team.

Unite the key business services needed to execute an initiative seamlessly across internal and external execution communities

Dramatically improve communication, engagement, interaction, knowledge transfer and most importantly execution at scale.

Scalando builds a horizontal and unique data layer giving you unprecedented insight.

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