The Business Acceleration Platform

Channel Partner Platform

Desired Outcome: Full-service partner distribution platform to scale with your reseller and partner ecosystem community.

Economic Impact: Increased, engagement, loyalty and skills resulting in increased sales. Optimize back-end rebates and contra funding. Drive productivity in distributor and partner management.

Solution: Scalando can easily manage +100 vendors, 1000s of resellers/partners and more than 100 000 end users all having different relationships and certifications with the different vendors.

Sales Community Platform

Desired Outcome: An effective community seamlessly executing across internal, partner and customer recourses.

Economic Impact: Increased sales through uniform knowledge and execution across the extended community. Reduce system spend and optimize resources

Solution: Scalando Sales Accelerator gives the full suite of Scalando business services allowing unprecedented scale while building community competence, engagement and execution in a consistent manner.

Sales Sprints & Campaigns

Desired Outcome: Drive high impact Sales Sprint driving new pipeline into the business while building sales teams competency and driving sales process consistency.

Economic Impact: Increased pipeline, Improved sales team/community effectiveness, planning and execution efficiency, and system and agency spend as all key Sprint elements are in Scalando.

Solution: Scalando Sprint Pack gives you all you need to kick off an omnichannel sales sprint/campaign.

Other popular use cases
Training Academy
Customer Advisory
Communities & Communication
Social Media Amplification
Onboarding & Compliance
New Product Introduction
Within hours customers can be up and running on Scalando and start driving their execution agenda and delivering value to their community and the business.
Scalando offers flexible pricing options allowing customers to get started executing fast and at a business-friendly price point. Getting started with and benefiting from the power of Scalando is easy.

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