Scale with your Team & Partners

A new way to deliver Knowledge

Gain insight from your extended community

Build, engage and activate your community

Instant analytics & insights for users and managers

Scalando provides significant capabilities and, importantly, serves as a single pane of glass for the internal or external audience to locate training offers, promotions, value services, and events.


Best of Virtual, Physical & Video in a structured learning map aligned to your vendors targeted solutions and priorities.


A one-to-one marketing practice that centres on individual vendors, partners, customers and employees’ actions.


Let users share their success in terms of sharing key customer wins, their market insight, experience, linkedIn & Twitter posts.


Rewarding & motivating experience with the built-in gamification, analytics, benchmarks, and leader boards.


Real-time analysis and dashboards allowing you and your teams to work effectively and provide better results anytime and anywhere


Connect Scalando with many hundreds of cloud apps and other services to share data or trigger actions

Audience Control

Target and secure content to specific audiences, companies, partners, profiles and geographies

Scalando Learning Experience
“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” Albert Einstein

Scalando extends the potential of a traditional learning Course by integrating the entire set of go to market defined actions into the Learning Journey.

Courses and modules are orchestrated by the built-in "skills engine" to enrich the content with additional information for Scalando analysis and to link the module skills with the user profile. Scalando uses a FIVE LEVELS LEARNING algorithm to consolidate the skills acquired by successfully passing the course quizzes

People need to acquire new knowledge or skills in order to see things in a new light and take that next leap. Scalando continuous learning, also known as constant learning (the model of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise) keeps updating knowledge or skills to help individuals in both their professional life and personal life.

Adaptive Learning Management System

The Scalando Learning Experience is an advanced Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that simplifies the entire content creation and delivery lifecycle through authoring, publishing, personalizing, automatic tagging, delivering and measuring impact and interactions.

It provides companies a centralized location to orchestrate services lifecycle so content can be synced and reused in a variety of outputs. Content becomes a single source of truth and assets can be assembled into courses, modules, or more targeted microlearning, and reused in different ways to personalize content for different audiences and needs.

The platform offers benchmarking views to motivate individuals to improve their performance and become even more competitive.

Learning Experience - Main features
  • Centralized content repository
  • Flexible single-source content publishing
  • Collaborative and simultaneous cloud-based authoring
  • Secure and profiled based access to courses, assets, documents and services
  • Full tagged content enablement engine to support personalization based on audience
  • Extended Tag management with tags auto discovery and taxonomy modeler
  • Course assessment creation and publishing for course certifications
  • Asset & Resource library for connecting enablement with key corporate strategy
  • First class gamification to enhance user interaction and motivation
  • Reusable assets, quizzes and interactivities
  • Publishing criteria on date range
  • Speakers or Instructors biography management
  • Progress Tracking for KPIs analysis
  • Peer benchmarking and embedded motivational engine
  • Management of translation and localization support
  • Lessons dependency to upon meeting some minimum standard on the previous one
  • Powerful sales contest (SPRINT) definition, gamification and analytics
  • Multiple module types: YouTube, Video, Mp4, PDF documents, external courses & modules
  • Self-Assessment
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Skills Assessment
  • In platform and push notifications

  • Continuous Learning

    Scalando continuous learning, also known as constant learning (the model of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise) keeps updating knowledge or skills to help individuals in both their professional life and personal life.

    Scalando continuous learning, also known as constant learning (the model of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise) expands the learning experience leveraging people’s attitude to share their success. Users are encouraged to share their wins, sales leads details that not captured by a traditional CRM system, for the good of the community and for the opportunity to be perceived and recognized as “advisors” by peers and management.

    Continuous Learning - Main features
  • Advanced CMS
  • News and Video Articles management
  • Resource and Document Library
  • Strong personalization and Access control
  • In platform and push notifications
  • Powerful search engine (content, capabilities & skills)
  • Skills and capabilities auto discovery
  • Success stories Library and Search
  • Full text indexing of all document types
  • Extended Tags (Taxonomy) management
  • Co-branding Library

  • Resource Library

    Scalando Resource Library encompasses a wide range of document management features and functionalities, many of which are critical to effectively running a business.

    Resource Library is a place to store, organize, and share business documents with different audiences leveraging the powerful access control for keeping compliance, security, and confidentiality. The ability to classify data in real-time extracting tags change the way your organization manage and analyze the continuous learning.

    Key documents can also be easily added to the personalized carousel, to make sure your users are informed right away.

    Resource Library - Main features
  • Full text Search
  • Document status
  • Activity streams
  • Auto-discovery capabilities in documents
  • Capabilities filtering
  • Capabilities grouping
  • Notifications
  • Photo Gallieris
  • Marketing assets
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag-and-drop to upload
  • Audience based feature documents on homepage
  • Publish & expiry dates
  • Document filters
  • Document categories
  • Related documents
  • Access Control on audiences, companies, profiles and geography

  • Market insight and competitive news

    Expand the Learning Experience with real-time updates from the key news providers.

    Sellers, employees, partners can benefit of a personalized and real-time view on all relevant internet news from top news media companies. News are analyzed and categorized using the capability (tags) definitions to immediately identify relevant news. Market Insight also offers a real-time view about your competitors news, announcements, and articles. in order to be keep your salesforce always up to date.

    Market insight - Main features
  • 14 Key news source provides
  • Google standard & advanced search definitions
  • Full news indexing and categorization on Taxonomy
  • Consolidated view based on time or content relevance
  • Competitive News identification & highlight
  • Full text search and capability highlight
  • Click Through analysis
  • Trending searches analysis
  • Competitive sentiment analysis

  • Gamification & Awards
    "It's not always about competing to win, but sharing how you won" Daniel Debow

    Increase engagement and motivation

    Gamification is a simple concept that builds learner engagement, and it helps to change perceptions and attitudes and develops skills through a practical, applied, and thoroughly hands-on approach to learning.

    Gamification Benefits includes:

  • Makes learning fun and interactive
  • Creates an addiction to learning
  • Offers real-time feedback
  • Gamification enhances the learning experience and user motivation
  • Gamification - Main features
  • Native Sales Sprint or Contest engine
  • Points criteria definition
  • Leaderboards
  • Built-in all Scalando services
  • Activities and Learning tasks generating points
  • Special bonus points based on target achievement
  • Multi-channel individual motivation engine triggered by user behavioral
  • Privacy settings for end users
  • Scalando Insight
    "Understanding human needs is half the job of meeting them." Adlai E Jr Stevenson

    How do you capture the knowledge and intelligence residing with your community? Do you have the data points you need form the field to make your decisions around your strategy? Do you have a process in place for getting insight from the community of people actually selling your products and services every day?

    The Scalando Insight features offers a full-blown Survey, Poll and Nurturing Platform allowing you to get insight from your communities, run employee or partner satisfaction surveys and much more. Obtain insight from your community you never thought possible. Learn from your team and reduce the distance between those who set and those who execute the strategy.

    Instant insight at your fingertips

    Surveys: Unleash the power of the full-blown survey engine. Run satisfaction surveys, market research, new product feedback and much more. All audience based and connected to the overall Scalando platform and analytics.

    Polls: Run quick polls with your community on whatever is important for you to know right here right now. Get the finger on the pulse with your execution community.

    Nurturing: Get the ability to ask your community 100’s of questions about them and their business, all in a non-intrusive and gamified way. Combine your findings with the Scalando capability engine analytics to uncover insight an unbelievable level.

    Insights - Main features
  • Easily create surveys, and polls for any audience.
  • Nurturing engine, learn more about your audience.
  • Analyze your results and get powerful analysis insight
  • Use your insights to make better, data-driven decisions.
  • Time schedule.
  • Secured and access controlled access.
  • Export your results or dig deeper into your data with analytics.
  • Scalando Sales Acceleration
    "If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” - Bob Hooey

    Over the past few years, a substantial amount of research has proven the benefits and motivational effects driven by user sharing.

    People share for different reasons and in different ways. Scalando is designed with this in mind. Scalando lets users share their success in terms of sharing key customer wins, it encourages users to share new leads and opportunities and equally important is it let them scale sharing through social media.

    Build a win repository

    Customer references is always in short supply, both public and internal. How do you scale win knowledge and insight when it is all captured in the head of the individuals closing the deal?

    Scalando wins sharing and wins library is letting you extract the knowledge about how you win deals and share the insight with the wider team in a structured way.

    Building the wins database will become your competitive edge to accelerate your sales.

    Scalando Sharing - Main features
  • Share a win
  • Approval workflow
  • Win Library
  • Win analysis
  • Wins by category, industry and country
  • Built-in gamification

  • Capture new leads

    Scalando gamifies and encourages leads and deal sharing from the community. Quickly build an additional lead flow into your business.

    Whether it is sales and technical team members, customers and partners, all come by new potential business opportunities for your business every day. However, uncaptured the opportunity passes, and potential business is lost.

    Capture new leads - Main features
  • Deal registration
  • Approval workflow
  • Cross platform notifications
  • Built-in gamification

  • Get your audiences’ attention with personalized promotions

    Promotions and sales incentives form part of most GTM and sales campaigns. Whether it is for new customer acquisition, up-sell, cross-sell, retention or clearing stock they can be extremely useful, however they tend to underperform the expectation set. This often relates to the lack of knowledge and visibility to them amongst the individuals they are meant to help.

    Scalando Promo Manager secures you get the right promotions and incentives to the right people allowing you to maximize their impact on your business.

    Promo - Main features
  • Promo management
  • Publish and expiry dates
  • Internal or external landing page
  • Integrated with the capability engine
  • Powerful access control for targeting different audiences and profiles
  • Push notification for new or updated promo
  • Highlight your promo (dynamic carousel)

  • Scalando integrated Social media amplification
    "It is not once nor twice but times without number that the same ideas make their appearance in the world." Aristotle

    Obtain unbelievable social media scale

    Reap the benefits of limitless and consistent social media amplification through your extended community.

    Scalando can either replace or work in tandem with your existing social media software. Scalando automatically fetch your social media feeds, and you decide which audience on Scalando you want to amplify what message in a 100% consistent at what time. Get instant access to the full audience of your community’s contacts rather than relying on your corporate social media account to do the job.

    Get instant access to the full audience of your community’s contacts rather than relying on your corporate social media account to do the job.

    Social media scale - Main features
  • Linkedin integration - seamless sharing
  • Twitter integration - seamless sharing
  • Built-in gamification
  • Linkedin - clone a post
  • Twitter - clone a tweet
  • Audience based social medial amplification
  • Analyze your results and get powerful analysis insight
  • Scalando Analytics
    "The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” Arthur C. Nielsen

    Having designed Scalando for all key GTM tools, as well as planning, in one platform gives tremendous advantages for scaling and deriving insight from your customers and GTM initiatives. As a Scalando user the analytics (historic and predictive) and insight you obtain will make you highly relevant with your Leadership team and with all your vendors and partners.

    Company Analytics

    Unbelievable detailed insight giving you predictive analytics. Leverage the full power of the unique Scalando Capability Engine customized specifically for you

    My Team & Partner Analytics

    Get the full overview of your teams and partners’ progress, capabilities, and engagement. Always fresh insight at your fingertips

    My Analytics

    Users can see details on their own performance, learning, capabilities and points, and of course benchmark themselves against anonymized data for other individuals in the Country Cluster, Region and Globally.

    The platform offers benchmarking views to motivate individuals to improve their performance in the interest of becoming more competitive. The personalized analytics page is designed in such a way as to spur additional actions and inspire further learning.

    Scalando Analytics - Main features
    Company Analytics
    Enablement journey KPIs analysis
    Audience insight and metrics
    User Engagement & Behavior analysis
    Employees profile & analysis
    Vendors, Brands profile & analysis
    Business QBR real-time analysis
    Resellers, shops, branch offices analysis
    Surveys & Polls analysis
    Full individual & company nurturing
    Communication and competitive analysis
    Social media activity analysis
    Find the experts - relations and capabilities
    Find Partners - relations and capabilities
    Full profile & capability analysis
    Dig deeper into your data with combined filters and reports
    My Team & Partner Analytics
    Team profile
    Team members learning & actions analysis
    Team learning capabilities DNA
    Consolidated Team profile views
    Team members learning Time analysis
    Deep insight on each individual team member
    Team member engagement analysis
    Partner profile
    Partner members learning & actions analysis
    Partner learning capabilities DNA
    Consolidated Partner profile views
    Partner members learning Time analysis
    Deep insight on each individual Partner member
    Partner member engagement analysis
    My Analytics
    Learning achievement KPIs analysis
    Learn achievement - learning hours
    Learn achievement - courses and modules completed
    Learn achievement - timeline
    Action KPI status & progress
    Action detailed activity KPIs
    Wins, Social Media activity, Surveys/Polls activity
    Individual learning capabilities DNA
    Individual top capabilities
    Benchmarks of courses progress/status versus other peers
    Scalando Integration
    Connect Scalando with many hundreds of cloud apps and other services to share data or trigger actions

    The Scalando Zapier connector allows you connect Scalando with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most, no code required.

    Use Zapier with Scalando to automatically capture information from other apps you use and send them directly to Scalando. Or the other way around: Enable Scalando to send out signals as you work through your courses, leads, customer wins, etc. so information in your other apps stays up to date.

    By not having to manually update your CRM, or update sales teams using Slack or any other collaboration tool, you can focus on closing more deals and building more connections.

    Scalando Audience Control
    Target and secure content to specific audiences, companies, partners, profiles and geographies

    Never again spill peoples time with content not relevant to them!

    The right content in the right hands at the right time. Scalando’s highly advanced audience control saves you time and effort while making your extended execution teams more productive. Secure – Complaint – Productive

    The audience control is pervasive across all Scalando business services allowing you to segment, communicate and accelerate independently with extremely targeted sub audiences. This gives you the power to use one platform for the varying needs of employees, customers, and numerous types of ecosystem partners. All of which have different dependencies to each other.

    No more spilled time producing assets not hitting the right audience. Never again will one of your partners have to spend time on the variation of the content relevant to him or her.

    Audience Control - Main features
  • Audience based segmentation
  • Restrict access by company
  • Restrict access by company
  • Audience based personalization
  • Restrict access by company type
  • Restrict access by partner program
  • Easy and secure resource sharing
  • Restrict access by user profile
  • Restrict access by country, theatre and region

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